Magi Bar

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This soap may be one of the most significant products I’ve made so far. Not only seasonal and beautiful, but the health benefits are truly amazing! These beautiful bars are made with frankincense, gold, and myrrh.

Frankincense has a significant meaning in Christianity, and is one of the gifts offered by the three wise men to Jesus. Today, this fragrant resin is transformed into an essential oil that’s valued not only in religious practice, but also in aromatherapy and natural health practices. Recent studies have shown frankincense to cure 22 different types of cancer, without the horrible side effects of chemotherapy!! The aroma has been known to help induce a feeling of mental peace, relaxation and helps relieve anxiety, anger and stress. It also helps heal cuts, acne, insect bites and boils.

Turmeric, the golden oil, has benefits that have since been well documented in the medical literature, and curcumin—one of the most well-studied bioactive ingredients in turmeric— has been found to promote health and protect against a wide array of health conditions. It actually exhibits over 150 potentially therapeutic activities, including anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial activity, as well as potent anti-cancer properties that have been intensely studied.

Myrrh, is well known for maintaining healthy skin, as it slows down the signs of aging and soothes cracked or chapped skin. This is why it’s commonly added to many skin care products today. Myrrh is often added to creams and lotions to help relieve skin infections, such as athlete’s foot, ringworm, eczema, bedsores, boils, carbuncles, and acne.

Even though this bar soap was created for medicinal purposes, it also has a very nice fragrance that I know you will enjoy.

Also available: Magi Body Butter!!  The best cream for fighting cancer.

2 reviews for Magi Bar

  1. Tara

    The golden oil makes this bar beautiful and shimmery! I love the scent and the way my skin feels after using it.

  2. Betty

    Thank you for getting this and the magi body butter to me so quickly! I know how good frankincense, turmeric, and myrrh are for our health and am proud to use it. I like the smell too. The color of the soap is so pretty. Makes me want to save it though. LOL

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