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These beautiful soaps are made like all of my soaps… with an organic glycerin soap base, rich organic oils, and fragranced with organic essential oils only. This is a promise you can be sure of.

I do not like hard soap bars. One, they are never organic, and two, they are made with lye. To me, that’s ridiculous. If you’ve never used an organic glycerine soap, you are in for a welcome surprise. They leave no icky residue, just soft clean skin.

The bars featured here are called Gardener’s Soap because those of us who regularly play in the dirt are all too familiar with how much more difficult it can be to get all of that dirt and compost off of our hands. When looking for a good gardener’s soap, it’s important to look for two things. Organic and ingredients that are not harsh. When reviewing the competition online, I was stunned to see the types of harsh ingredients often used as exfoliates. Things like ground walnut shells for example. Ouch! Not really a good idea to get your hands torn up, then go dig in the dirt again the next day. Right?

So we have two gorgeous offerings here. Lemon Poppy Seed and Rosemary Orange.

Both are made from an organic glycerin soap base. Both contain organic vitamin E oil and organic jojoba to keep those hands soft and healthy.

The Lemon Poppy Seed has organic dried lemon peel and organic pappy seeds for exfoliation, as well as organic lemon essential oil to make it smell SO good.

The Rosemary Orange has organic dried orange peel and organic rosemary leaves (not harsh stems) right from my own organic garden, as well as organic orange essential oil.

They are intended to be hand soaps, but for those of us who enjoy extra exfoliation, you can use it as a full body bar as well. Each bar weighs 4 ounces and comes beautifully wrapped, making them nice gifts too. By the say, they work well for mechanics too, and a must when going to the beach to get that icky tar off of your feet.

Please let me know what you think after trying them. I always welcome reviews.

1 review for Gardener’s Soap

  1. Steve

    I know its suppose to be for washing your hands after gardening but I use it after working on the car and for showering. Nice lemon smell too.

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