Cinnamon Vanilla Latte Candles




I have always loved candles! I love the way they smell and they way they make your home feel. So much that Friday night use to be candle night in my home. After I finished cooking dinner, we turned off all of the lights and just used candles. Only back then I had no idea how toxic that synthetic fragrances were. I never imagined it could be legal to sell things that can and do cause cancer, disrupt endocrines, and on and on. But guess what. It’s done ALL THE TIME.

At least 99.9% of candles sold are chock full of synthetic fragrances, aka toxins. Obviously that’s not what I’m offering. A dear friend of mine gave me the idea some time ago about making homemade healthy candles, and I recently developed this recipe…one I think you are really going to love.

I used organic beeswax, organic cinnamon, organic Madagascar vanilla, and organic coffee beans. Then I purchased these beautiful gold glass candle holders to set the votive candle into. Now my home is full of that captivating fragrance and everything feels so warm and cozy again. Only this time, no toxic fragrances. Just pure organic goodness.

I know you will enjoy them as much as I do!

Each votive is safely wrapped inside the glass holder, and boxed up separately to help prevent damage when shipping. Besides enjoying them in your home, they make really nice gifts, especially at Christmas.


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