Children’s Body Butter

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Children’s Body Butter, for ages 2 and up. Lavender has a calming affect on children and adults and is completely safe for children, unlike some of the stronger essential oils.This Body Butter is 100% Organic, and perfect for bedtime after your child’s bath. It will moisturize and protect their skin, and the lavender essential oil has a nice fragrance that gently calms and relaxes your little ones, helping them fall asleep easier. It will hydrate and protect your child’s skin with no synthetic toxic ingredients. It’s 100% organic, gluten-free, nut-free,and non-GMO.



Ingredients: organic shea butter, organic mango butter, organic olive oil, organic coconut oil, vitamin E oil, lavender essential oil.

Available in a  4 oz blue cobalt glass jar for $12.

Soaps for children are also available.

1 review for Children’s Body Butter

  1. Rachel Rotella

    I got this one for my daughter. She has very sensitive skin and breaks out from any shampoos, soaps, or lotions that are scented. I have to be very careful with what I put on her skin and this product not only is natural and perfect for her sensitive skin, but it smells sooo good! So happy to finally have a product that I know is safe and works on her skin. Thank you so much!!

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